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Updated April 28 2023


Street Fighter 2 Xbox Live  Fight for Freedom on US Independence Day (July 4) 2023.


Jackpot starts at $20.  Entry fee is $10 but can be won back if you beat me in one example game of the format we're using.  In other words beat me your entry's free.  If I beat you half your entry money goes to me and half the money goes to the jackpot.


Payout first place is 50% second place is 30% third place is 10%.


Tournament is online sometime during a week hours in New York United States as agreed upon by the contestants on July 4th 2023.


The game you play to win back your entry fee can be scheduled anytime before July 2nd at a time agreeable to both you and me.


All footage will be shown on twitch.tv/tripletopper  live as it happens.  Matches to win back entry fees will be announced on Twitter.com/tripletopper 30 minutes in advance of actual gameplay.


Format of tournament:. It will put people in ladder matches AKA king of the hill matches AKA quarter matches, You will divide in groups people into groups of four to eight. The toss up to determine rank on the ladder is a one credit match against CPU level 8, You must broadcast yourself live on Twitch playing one live match up with me witnessing it of you playing the computer on Xbox for one credit. You only get one chance to do it in front of me. You must inform me when you plan to play so I could join.


Once the ladder is established for the first round the King of the Hill pics whether he wants to pick his guy first pick his opponents guy first or let his opponent make first choice of either (king's choice of which category) and make a reaction pick.


Your choice must make progress towards the goal of winning once AS every character and winning once Against every character.  It doesn't matter which human you beat in either category all that matters is which opposing fighter you beat and which which fighter you are.


If you win, you either stay or become the new King of the Hill, and if you lose you go to the bottom of the ladder.


After the first round the Challenger gets the choice. 




Everyone will play in two randomly generated ladders of four or more.


Top 6 seeds advanced to the head to head round which is single elimination under the same format rules.  First and second to get a first round bye. Sixth plays 3rd. 4th plays 5th.  First place lowest remaining seed.  Second and other play each other.  Two losers in semi-final will play bronze medal match.  Two winners will play for the championship.


You do not have to know me in order to participate.  The tournament is open to anyone who has the Xbox version of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and it has Xbox Live Gold access.  If you don't have Street Fighter 30th,  it's on sale now and may be on sale once or twice more before independence day.

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