Jamal Nickens is the Jack of al Games, and challenges you to beat him. He is the all-around video game champion, winning Life to the Power of X and Iron Man of Gaming and competing in WCG Ultimate Gamer.


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If you want to be a contestant, here are the quick rule highlights, and at this link is the complete rules. If you want to be able to choose the games you want to show the world you are good at, this tournament is for you. If you want to be like Jamal, an all-around video game champion, this is for you. Unlike Iron Man of Gaming, your fate is in your hands, not in the hands of the general voting public, you're not confined to catch all categories for classic shooter which can be anything from Space Invaders to Halo for the Original XBox, and grumble if you don't like the vote. You bring games to the tournament, the ones you want to play.

You choose the number of games you're good at, and you either get to play one game you picked to be played, or you pick one of your opponents' games to be played. This shows natural ability and factors out practice of games. It's about natural ability. And that's in both the qualifier and the televised portion.

There's a danger of choosing too many of one type of game. If you are out-gamed, your opponent can spot your weakness and pick it. But if you over-pick games, you're more likely to have a weakness. The only thing we ask is a minimum of 5 games, and you must actually own the games, and must be legal copies. Very good life simulator. Come and check the latest part The Sims 4 Download Full version for pc for free download on our website. Check them now!

The games can be of any type as long as it attaches to a TV, or comes with its own monitor. ANY GENRE, ANY SYSTEM, ANY ERA, FROM THE 2600 TO THE 360 AND BEYOND. The only catch is you must provide the systems, games, regular controllers for 2 players (unless the only game is better with one controller, or you don't have 2 of a controller, in which case, you must alternate.) special controllers, if you wish, and if it's a light gun game, a CRT TV, for all the games you propose. So if you want to play Space Vultures for the Emerson Arcadia 2001, make sure you have an Arcadia 2001 and Space Vultures. You've got 3 weeks to a month to shop at our sponsor, Game Surge in Copley Ohio . In most cases Game Surge saves you against ebay after factoring in paying for shipping if buying, or factoring in ebay and paypal fees if selling. Hurry, buy as soon as you sign up there, Or shop on Ebay if someone beats you to a copy of a game you've been eyeing in the store , or if the game was never in the store. You've got a month to shop for your games you want in the tournament. They can either be original cartridges or discs, or downloads on a modern service.

It will be a free-to-enter tournament, however the more you patronize Game Surge in Copley Ohio once the qualifiers start, the bigger advantage you have over someone who didn't patronize. Patronization include buying from, selling to, or trading with Game Surge. Everyone gets one Jack Chip for every cent profit made by Game Surge for each purchase or sellback. So if a game is bought for $10 and sells for $20, the seller gets 500 Jack Chips and the buyer gets 500 Jack Chips. Everyone, in addition to the Jack Chips they earn, gets additional Jack Chips by participating, equal to the median Jack Chip amount per registered account that is not 0 transactions for a period. Later, once we're on local TV, well give Jack Chip Prizes (the scoring unit in our tournaments) to anyone who either knows a key word or can describe one announced detail from the week's show.

Bring as many games as you want/can. The number of games you bring in multiplied by your current Jack Chip stack, which goes up as you win and down as you lose. This is the power rating. Whoever has the higher power rating in a matchup will have the option for that matchup of either choosing one of their opponent's games or forcing their opponent to choose one of their games.
All you have to do to enter is
1) be 18 or older as of the day you enter, or have parental or guardian's permission and have yourself (or said parent/guardian if under 18) sign that you read and agreed to the rules, 2) Put your best games you own on a list,
3) Give that list to the clerk at Game Surge
4) On future visits that month, bring your games and systems and controllers to Game Surge. If you call ahead and it's currently in their USED stock, they can tell you they have a game and will hold it for an hour so you don't have to bring it. 5) Play at your own convenience throughout the qualifiers, but after a certain date, the top 10 Jack Chip totals will be called in for an interview.

Here are the complete rules to qualify for the Jack Of All Games TV Show.

1. You must be 18 or older or have a parent read and agree to the rules and sign for the minor in order to be a contestant. You must provide your real name with signature stating you read and agree to the rules of the tournament, address, phone number, email address, and any alternate contacts desired. You must provide an ID to show you are at least 18, or have a parent or guardian provide their ID.

2. This is a free to enter tournament. Everyone starts with one Jack Chip for each cent earned by Game Surge in one's transactions, either buying from them, or selling to them, with trades counting as 2 simultaneous transactions. In addition to any transaction earned credits, the median amount of Jack Chips earned among those with 1 Jack Chip or more in that Transaction Month

3. Visit the Store during any open hours the qualifying phase, and bring any games and systems you want to the store when you play, along with a list of your games controllers and systems, you can play anytime during the month, and declare to the clerk that's you're there to compete. Contestants will be matched on a first-come-first serve basis. And there is a limit of one game against each opponent in a tournament period.

4. There is a minimum of 5 games and no theoretical maximum limit of games that one has and proposes to play except the universe of legal games that are not banned for reasons stated in the tournament rules. Remember the more games you propose and bring, the more likely you have an advantage in a tournament, but the more game choices of yours could be selected by your opponents. One must bring as many games as they feel comfortable playing and actually own in their personal collections, but not too many to have weak games opponents can select.

6. Any time you go to compete, you must bring the following things::
6a. Any games you proposed on your lists. All such games must be attached to a television screen or similar display either by inserting a copy of the game in a machine that is attached to a display, or a self contained device that hooks into a display. (No non-TV games, like board games and physical games that are not attached to a TV or similar display) Portable game systems are allowed, provided it has its own display and you either provide 2 systems and a link cable, or arrange a game so you alternate 5 minute sessions,
6b. Any systems you want to play them on. Note you may coordinate with friends to borrow each other's systems, so each individual carries less equipment.
6c. The controllers best for any of the games on the list individually.
6d. For light gun games and other games with special TV's required, the special TV's.
6e. An idea for a challenge for each game that can be done in either 10 minutes if 2 players go head-to-head, or 2 5-minute sessions if the game doesn't have a 2-player mode or is better as a 1-player game.

7. If you want to increase the number of opportunities to play and advance, come more often, and play multiple times per day.

8. You will be paired off against one opponent at a time, on an as-available basis with one member of the current universe of opponents in the store.

9. Both people present each other's lists. A Power ranking is the number of Jack Chips they currently have multiplied by number of games they propose and bring. The person who has a higher power ranking may either choose to play one of his/her opponents' games proposed, or force his/her opponent to pick one of his/her games.

10. If there are options like characters, tracks, levels, or other selectable options, the non-proposer selects any that both have to agree to, or the first choice if all choices are available, but selecting one thing eliminates a choice for the other, i.e. Characters in the original Street Fighter II or Golden Axe.

11. Whoever has the better perfromance wins Jack Chips. If the person who wins has more Jack Chips than the opponent, they win all chips from the opponent and adds it to his/her score and the loser is eliminated for the month. If the person who wins has less Jack Chips than the loser, the winner receIves one Jack chip from the opponent and doubles up against an opponent. A person who loses in this case has the amount of Jack Chips paid to the winner subrtracted from his/her score, and may continue to compete, but not against the same person for the rest of the qualifier period.

12. When there are only 8 contestants left with Jack Chips, they will be notified they've entered the interview phase, and may continue to compete for the number one spot. Once the expiration date and time of the tournament occurs or when only one person has Jack Chips, first place is declared the automatic qualifier for TV. The remaining 7 are interviewed, have their games analyzed by Jamal and the producers, and 3 of the 7 will be chosen based on a) availability of the number 1 contestant, Jamal Nickens and key staff, b) Game lists so that we have a wide variety of gamers represented in the 4 contestants, and c) miscellaneous factors which determine if they are good personalities for TV. To be the guaranteed contestant, one must win the number one slot. Time of taping to be determined by the producers of Jack of All Games TV Show. For the rules of the show, click on this link to see the rules used in the televised portion of the show and the distribution of prizes according to the rules of the show.

15. If a player cannot provide a game on their list when requested by their opponent, they lose that matchup. Beofre they present their matchup, they may cross off games they don't have, but their list and Power rnaking will be reduced accordingly.

16. Banned Stuff:

16 a) There shall be no additional chemical substances to the list of already banned or controlled substances in the city, county, state and federal law that shall be deemed illegal for the purposes of this private tournament, so a legal quantity dose of caffeine is legal for the purposes of this tournament, or prescribed medication.

16 b) Only controllers that are 1:1 electronically identical to an authorized controller are legal. It is each player's responsibility to make sure any controllers are provided for systems they encounter and are legal. Features that are illegal include:
. 16 b 1) Rapid fire of any kind unless built into the basic game function. Systems with rapid fire standard are done on a game-by-game basis, like TurboGrafx 16. Or it can be easily seen if the fire is manual or automatic.
16 b 2) Joystick/button simultaneous/sequential Macro programs.
16 b 3) Slowdown

16 c) Legal examples of custom controls are...
16 c 1) right handed fight sticks.
16 c 2) custom built controls with more comfortable layouts (like a Hit Box).
16 c 3) specialty controls thought to make a game better like steering wheels, fight sticks, light guns etc.
16 c 4) However, in all 3 options a player must either provide 2 copies of the controller or not play simultaneously. Otherwise, non-proposer gets choice of controllers.

16 d) Systems with wireless controllers must be paired to that system and no other, and have no other controller paired to it in activation range.

17. All players (if over 18 years of age) and parents of minor players (both on their own behalf and that of their child/ward) must observe laws of all types or take responsibility for failing to do so, including serving any civil and criminal penalties associated with those laws, In the case of minor children breaking laws, their parent(s)/guardian(s) will take the criminal and civil responsibility . If a contestant breaks any law or tournament rule, foreseen or otherwise to gain an edge, they will be disqualified, and, if applicable, reported to the authorities. Foreseeable examples include unplugging controllers, and assaulting players while in play or in between rounds of play, taking illegal substances for the purposes of the law to enhance gameplay performance,

18. One must play for oneself.

19. For the purposes of this tournament, you own a game if
19a) you possess a copy of it in a legal means, meaning you own it or legally borrowed it from someone.
19b) it is a legitimate retail or otherwise publicly available (at time of release) copy of a cartridge- or disc-based game or a full version of a download game, or if it can be played locally as a demo game, a legally acquired download demo game that functions.
19c) You must provide a system and hard drive if the game is on a hard drive for any system.
19d) Illegal games are games made by a game editor, burnt games, and illegal hard drive ROMs not either purchased or have a demo or full downloaded legally.
19e) If a copy of a game you propose is illegal, and it's chosen, you automatically lose.
19f) For the purposes of this tournament, a legal retail compilation disc will be considered separate games if they were separate retail entities previously and are counted as separate games if the games are so chosen, (a 2600 game on a legal disc of 2600 games are considered separate games, and if you are good at some, and not others, you declare only those games you want as separate games. This number influences your power rating.)
19g) For the purposes of this tournament and the power rating, even if you can play an individual mini-game on a party game, for the purposes of determining who has the advantage of who selects their opponent's game, a party game is counted as 1 game, regardless of whether only one game is chosen, select multiple mini-games, or the whole compilation.
19h) If there are distinct modes which one player is good at and not others, like in music games, does well with Guitar and Singing, but not Drums or Keyboard, (s)he may designate such stipulations before hand. And it will be counted as one game if it was part of a retail package or a download add-on for that package.

20. Disqualification - If a players loses by failing to follow city, county, state, or federal laws in the course of playing the games, or breaking tournament rules where the penalty is disqualification, previous rounds that that contestant won will not be replayed and will have been deemed to have won until the instant (s)he gets disqualified, unless the contestant wins the day, in which case an overflow day will be used to replay match-ups (s)he won before found of cheating. Contestants are required to show all equipment checked in upon winning the final round to make sure there was no cheating in any way, and the contested listed games (s)he either didn't have or had an illegal copy of.