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The rules were not clear in the video, so there was a little confusion. Here are the rules that jamal and the 4 conestans competed used when competing.

These rules apply if you win the spot o the Jack of All Games TV Show. For the qualifier rules click here to see the rules for qualifying.

1. However the contestants are chosen, 4 contestants bring copies of anywhere from 5 to 25 different games. The more game they bring, the more money they can potentially win, but the more possible weaknesses can be exposed. Also, Jamal and the 3 other contestants see the lists of the 4 contestants before voting on the games used in the show. Therefore contestants are advised to pick an assortment of games with a variety of genres, systems, and eras, if they do not want to be pegged as a certain type of player.

2. Jamal is always on the show. He proposes no games to be played, but can vote on other people's games. He competes against the 4 contestants and gets to keep any money not won by the contestants. That is his pay for being the Jack of All Games.

3. An hour and 15 minutes before the game, each of the 5 contestants get 1 hour to practice any games they are no familiar with before voting. included in the Hour and 15 minutes is a 15 minute pre-game interview with Jamal and each of the 4 contestants.

4. An order is determined by a quick game all 4 contestants play of Jamal's choice. The winner chooses where their games falls in order (play theirs first, second, third, or fourth) and the other contestants selects a position that remains in order.

5. The other 3 contestants and Jamal are asked to rate one contestant's game based on their estimation of their abilities, or perceived opponents weaknesses. They get rated from high to low with the highest game getting as many points as there are games (if there are 15 games, a person's most popular game gets 15 points.) and subsequent games receiving one less point for each rank less, all the way down to 1 point for the last place choice.

6. The votes of the other 3 contestants and Jamal are combined. Whichever game gets the most points gets played. In case of a tie for first, the proposer of the game list picks the one game among the games tied for first.

7. The producers not playing (Jeremy Reilly and Brian Ciesicki) pick a format for the game which will determine the winner.

8. The winner gets 4 points. Second gets 3 points. Third gets 2 points. Fourth gets 1 point. And fifth gets 0 points for the game.

9. The other 3 gamer's lists are voted on and the game played the same way with the same scoring. However if a game has already been picked in an episode, it will be eliminated for the purposes of voting. For the purposes of scoring, all games will be counted, even if one or more are eliminated in voting. And for Jamal picking the games in the tiebreaker and bonus round, Jamal cannot pick a game he played earlier against that person. But he can pick the same game if more than one person selected it on their list and hasn't been played in the main game, or selected for the tiebreaker against one particular person.

10. 25 points are awarded to the winner of the main game. There are many times when the 25 points can be split between 2 or more contestants. the main game points depend on how well the other 4 players compete against Jamal and each other.
10a. If Jamal comes in first , Jamal get to keep all 25 points awarded to the main game champion. The bonus round will be played by second place. If there is a tie for second, an inter-contestant tiebreaker is player, and the winner plays Jamal.
10b. If Jamal is tied for first with one person, Jamal will play a tiebreaker game of Jamal's choice on that person's list, If Jamal wins, he keeps all 25 points. If the contestant wins, he/she wins 1 point for each game they proposed. Regardless of the outcome, the tied for first Player plays Jamal in the Bonus Round.
10c. If Jamal is tied for first with more than one person. Jamal plays one game one each respective person's list of Jamal's choice. Anyone who beats Jamal wins a share of the 25 point its according to future rules. Only people who beat Jamal i the tiebreaker are eligible to play the bonus round. If no one beats Jamal, those who are tied with Jamal play a inter-contestant tiebreaker to see who faces Jamal in the bonus round.
10d. If one person beats Jamal, that person wins 1 point for each of the 5-25 games they propose and play Jamal in the bonus round.
10e. If at least one person beats Jamal and another 1 or more people either beats or ties Jamal, all that beat Jamal are lined up in priority order, getting points according to rule 11. Anyone who ties Jamal plays Jamal in a game of Jamal's choice from the contestant's list. If the contestant(s) beats Jamal, they fall in line behind people who beat him.

11. There are 25 allocated for the main game score/prize. Anyone who beats Jamal in the main game wins 1 point for each of their 5-25 games they propose. First place gets paid first, then second, up until everyone who beats Jamal gets paid or until all 25 points allocated are spent. Jamal keeps any unspent points. In case of a tie between players other than Jamal, the results of the Bonus round will be the first tiebreaker, those beating Jamal in the bonus round ranked over those that don't, and a inter-contestant tie breaker if still tied.

12. Bonus Round

12a. Anyone who beats Jamal gets to play against Jamal in any game of Jamal's choice on the player's list except for games played in the main game, or played against that particular person in the tiebreaker.

12b. If Jamal is either solely in first place, or is tied for first and wins all tiebreakers, and there is more than one contestant tied for second, Jamal picks one game from each contestant's list, which will be barred in a pre-bonus round inter-contestant tiebreaker between the 2 or more contestants. (Read rule 13.)

12c. The contestants play in the order they beat him in, from most points to least. If the first contestant beats Jamal they get 1 point for each of the 5-25 games they propose.

12d. This process continues until all 25 points are rewarded, or until Jamal faces each person that beats him. Higher scores get first priority.

12e. In case tied people both win against Jamal in the bonus round, if there isn't enough points to go around between/among them, they play an inter-contestant tiebreaker.

13. Inter-contestant tie-breaker:
13a. If Jamal either comes solely in first, or is tied for first and beats everyone, these contestants face each other to see who faces Jamal in the bonus round and is called a pre-bonus round tiebreaker.
13b. If Jamal loses to more than one person who has the same score, and does not have enough points to pay out fully to both contestants, due to a 25 point limit in the main game and a 25 point limit in the bonus round, a tiebreaker is played to see who gets paid fully and the rest get paid what's left. This is a post-bonus round tiebreaker.
13c. If 2 players are involved in a tie, they play head to head. If 3 people play, they are seeded 1-3. 2 and 3 play a wild card game with the 2 seed having the advantage, and the winner takes on first with first having the advantage. If 4 players play, first plays fourth, second plays third, and the winners play each other, with the 1 seed having the advantage in both games (assuming he wins the first) and the number 2 seed having the advantage in the first round and the winner of the 2-3 game having the advantage against a 4 seed beating a 1 seed.

13d. The person who has proposed more games has the higher seed. (higher seed being closer to 1) If there is a tie in the number of games, the producers, Jamal and any involved sponsors who can be reached will be asked to rank to see which contestant has a more varied list based on genres, systems, and eras.

13e. The higher seed can either play a game of his/her choice from his/her opponent's list, or have the opponent select one game on his/her list. If this is a pre-bonus round Tiebreaker, Jamal picks one game from each of his potential opponents and has priority. The higher seed will have the same choice knowing that game is excluded, until a game not selected by Jamal is selected.
13f. In a pre-bonus-round tiebreaker, the winner plays Jamal in the bonus round.
13g. In a post-bonus round tiebreaker, whoever wins gets paid first, finals loser gets paid second, and if it matters who is in third and fourth, a semi-final loser tiebreaker game will be played with the 2 or 3 seed having the advantage over the 4 seed and the 1 seed having the advantage over the 2 or 3 seed.

14. If any part of the contest requires or allows a payment to enter, a game must conform to skill-based gaming regulation of the state the game is held in. (only Ohio to start off with). In Ohio a game is legal if either a) there is no random factor, b) random factors are not obvious and are used to prevent the memorization of patterns as a strategy, or c) any random factors like a coin flip in football is either predetermined (higher score, lower ranked vote) or a skill-based tiebreaker (in football whoever runs back a kickoff furthest as a mini-game.)

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